Our Vision & Values


Our Vision 

Worship - Transformation - Impact to the Glory of God

We strive to be a church that makes disciples in a community that worship God in spirit and truth, are transformed by His grace, and have an impact in Danville, Central Kentucky, and the world for His glory.

Our Values

We are Gospel-Centered  

Because the Gospel is the central story line of the Bible, we strive for it to be central in all that we do as a church.  The Gospel is lifeblood which means we are empowered by the Spirit through our faith in the truths of the Gospel.  The Gospel is also our lens which means it is our reference point for all of life.

We are Word-Saturated 

We believe God’s Word to be inspired, inerrant, infallible, authoritative, unified, and sufficient. God’s Word is the primary way in which He reveals Himself and the means by which He works in the world; therefore, we want all we do to be saturated in it. We will hold to the Bible’s teaching even when culturally unpopular. 

We are Theologically-Minded 

What we believe about God matters in everything.  We want to be sure that all we do is in line with Biblical theology and we want to equip our church to think deeply and Biblically about God and His Word.

We seek to be Culturally-Relevant 

We believe that Jesus and His apostles worked to take truth to and engage the people around them in an understandable way. Therefore, we want to be aware of the culture we live in (its language, hopes, dreams) and speak the truth of God’s Word in such a way that it is understandable to them. We want to be accessible to our culture without compromising truth.

We are Relationship-Focused 

The second greatest commandment is about love; therefore, our mission is a relational mission. We value people and relationships alike, and strive to connect in deeper relationships both in and out of the church. We are called to embody grace and truth in our relationships just as Christ did in His incarnation. 

We are Development-Leaning 

We lean and think about developing people in all we do. We want our church members to develop as followers of Christ, spouses, parents, leaders, workers, etc. We believe that one of the main ways people develop is through discipleship as Jesus modeled it. 

We are Movement-Driven 

God has been on the move since creation in bringing His Kingdom to this earth. We want to be a church that is caught up in this movement. We want to see Grace Church grow through living on mission, loving the broken of our city, investing in like-minded ministries locally/regionally/internationally, and ultimately to become a church-planting church. We believe one of the primary engines for this will be our members living missionally where they live/work/play and through discipleship as Jesus modeled it.

We are Intentional and Strategic 

Every organization and church has to make decisions about its resources and how they will be invested. We believe that God has given us a vision, gifts and a brain. We want to steward these in making wise, intentional and strategic decisions with our resources, ministries, etc.